Concert on Monday (9/24) @ 6pm

Monday, September 24 at 6pm
Gotham Bassoon Ensemble:
Featuring Gili Sharett, Gilbert Dejean, Don McGeen and Atsuko Sato, the Gotham Bassoon Ensemble is an all-bassoon quartet. The musicians are all orchestral bassoon players and recording artists who play on Broadway, the American Symphony, NY City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre and more, and who love getting together to play chamber music together. There will be some baroque, some classical, some opera and some jazz tunes. Music by Vivaldi, Verdi, The Beatles, +, all arranged for bassoons.

When have you seen four bassoons in one place? When have you heard four bassoons all playing together? This will be fly.

And there may even be cupcakes!!!!

Please attend!