Orientation and work day!!!! Sunday, June 30, at 11:00 A.M.

Sunday, June 30, at 11:00 A.M. there will be a an orientation and work day.

New volunteers, if you want a key, come on down! You will hear the garden rules, pay dues ($25), and  get a little dirty.

Soretta will be leading this work day. Here is what she says:

This will be the last orientation for some time, so please try to be here if you want your key.

Anyone who has already joined is more than welcome to participate in the workday after the orientation, which should start about 12 noon.

Heads up for old and current members:  As of March 30th, there is a new lock on the garden gate. Your keys will not work in the new lock.

ALL members, new and old, will be expected to participate in an orientation, at least one or two workdays, and commit to keeping the garden open for two days during the season (April 1 - October 31st). The membership fee is $25.00, which will include a key to the new padlock. 

Keys can only be obtained by participating in an orientation.
6BC garden is supported entirely by membership fees and donations, and volunteer labor. 6BC gets no money or labor from the city. The garden is entirely maintained by volunteers. If you think 6bc is a special place, then please show your support by helping to keep it special.

Hope to see you soon in the garden!