Los Colombian Roots will play on Monday, Sept 16 at 6pm

On Monday, Sept 16 at 6pm we will have another fab band!

Los Colombian Roots Vol. 1 is a collective of Colombian musicians that play traditional music from the Atlantic coast of Colombia. With three drums, two gaitas (flutes made of cacti), and one maraca, the band pays tribute to Colombia's indigenous, African, and European heritage as well as the present-day, Colombia-based musicians who have made it their missions to hand down deeply-rooted traditions to future generations. The union force of hard rhythms and sweet melodies combined with lyrics that constitute folk stories and a respect of nature represent Colombian music in its truest form.

Los Colombian Roots Vol. 1 is

Moris CaƱate
Camilo Rodriguez
Andres Jimenez
Liliana Conde
Martin Vejarano
Juan Ospina

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